Home Improvement Project Wish: Conservatory

12:37 AM

Seeing this very simple covered space in our parish church's garden, surrounded by lush greens reminded me of our long-shelved plan to add a conservatory to our home. We have long wanted to do it to add living space to our home without any additional concrete structures to be built. All we want is additional space where we can be closer to nature while still enjoying the convenience of home.

Extending Living Space

Adding more living space to our home without major construction work has been on our to-do list for quite some time. A conservatory is our preferred option as it is just adding to the home without any disruption to the main house. We hope to build one that will allow us to relax, entertain or even provide a small working area for our creative activities, including gardening. One thing is sure though. We want it built as a natural extension of the main home which can be accessed without going outside.

We were initially considering using clear glass but the cost was prohibitive when we were trying to determine the building costs. It still is as of this time so I decided to check online if there are other materials which we can consider. This is where I came across plastic greenhouse glass from
 Simply Plastics

The material is actually acrylic or polycarbonate panels which is said to be stronger than greenhouse glass. It is an ideal alternative because of its ability to transmit more light. I read in the website as well that homeowners will not have to worry about replacement because of its durability.

My Say

This is the part of our home where we hope to build the living space extension. At present, the sliding door at the side of our home leads to our garden. We want it to lead instead to a conservatory with clear view of the garden.

That said, I really hope we can accomplish this home project this year.

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