Shopping for Clothes for the Men in the Family

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Most men willingly delegate the task of shopping for their clothes to their wives. Some say it's due to the natural aversion to hopping from store to store while others say it is to keep the peace by letting women decide. Like most men, the men in our family, namely my husband and my teenage son are not fans of shopping. This doesn't mean however that they do not like good clothes. They actually do, but most of the time they'd rather do something else than shop.

Acquired Fashion Sense for Men's Clothes

Very few people know that my very first job right after graduation from college was a merchandising assistant for the men's wear department of a very popular chain of department stores. Although paper work formed the bulk of my everyday task, the exposure to products as offered by suppliers to the merchandiser for selection helped me distinguish between excellent and poor quality, classic and trendy, blockbuster and dud, and essentially what works for men and what doesn't, based on actual and steady sales.

I started looking at clothes in the eyes of a man. It was our job in merchandising to put products in the sales floor that they would buy and wear. Unknowingly, I acquired a fashion sense that men find acceptable. Thus when I found my self shopping for clothes for my husband and my son, no one questioned it.

Personal Style

But there is such a thing as personal style and preference. It is impossible for me to second-guess what they want all the time. It's a good thing that online stores came to be.

They have recently discovered Stand Out, an online store dedicated to "helping men of all ages find the right piece of designer clothing".  Allowing them to choose provides me a wider insight of what they want to find in their closet.

My Say

I definitely love shopping, including for the men in our family. I do appreciate the fact however that they can comfortably shop online especially if I am really pressed for time.

That said, it is a relief to realize that we agree on some basic guidelines for choosing clothes which includes comfort, quality, and price.

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