Childhood Toys: To Keep or Not to Keep?

6:33 PM

My grown-up son was going through his childhood toys one day when he was cleaning his room. He wanted to have more space for his school things now that it appears his dorm days will not be back just yet because of the pandemic. I detected a sense of melancholy as I watched him. Not sure though if it is coming from me or him. So do we keep his toys or not?

Keep the Toys that...

1. Have specific sentimental value

Be selective as it will be very difficult to choose. Let's face it, every piece has its sentimental value. You have to choose or else you will end up keeping everything.

2. You like to pass on the next generation

There are toys that can be passed on like family heirlooms. Make sure that its condition and make can last through time. Otherwise, it might be a good idea to have another child play with it today unless of course you have abilities to preserve it and good reason to keep it.

3. Younger kids in the family can play with now

Consider if you have younger kids who can play with the toys. In this case, it will just be a question of transferring the toys to another room. 

My Say

You may have other reasons to keep your kids' toys and that's fine. The memories they represent are yours. That said, if you feel you can give them to other children who can still enjoy them, do so. Memories will remain with you and you will be happy knowing other kids are enjoying them like your kids used to. 

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