Panalong Lasting Challenge by Joy Philippines

6:16 PM

Joy Philippines gave mothers all over the country the Panalong Lasting Challenge to see if a single Joy Kinsenas Pack can last for 15 days for regular home dishwashing needs. I was one of those who joined. Let me share with you the results.

First Day

I bought the Joy Kinsenas Pack for P10.50 per sachet. Frankly, I was in doubt whether the contents would actually last for 15 days. Nevertheless, I proceeded as I don't back out from challenges that would be helpful to our household. At times like these, I believe all households have become more careful with their expenses. Thus, any opportunity for savings is greatly appreciated.

Seventh Day

My family loves eating so you can just imagine the amount of pots, pans, plates, and utensils we have to wash daily. From day 1, I followed the instruction to mix a 25 centavo coin-sized drop of Joy Dishwashing to Liquid to 1 cup of water. Although I saw how bubbly it was, I still wasn't sure the Joy Kinsenas pack would last as promised.

Fifteenth Day

The day for the final verdict came. It was truly a surprise that it did last enough to manage our dishwashing needs for 15 days. I'm happy that my doubts were put to rest and gained a lot of savings in the process.

My Say 

It is really true that we should not judge before even trying. If I just relied on my initial thoughts that a small pack cannot possibly last for several days, I would not have discovered how budget friendly the Joy Kinsenas Pack is. That said, this challenge will be a daily routine in our household.

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