Almost a Star - The AMBOS MUNDOS RESTAURANT ANECDOTES Second of a Series

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One decision in life has the power of completely altering a person's destiny.  I came to know about one of my father's by chance.  He probably regretted telling me about it because he never heard the last of it from me from the time he told me the story.

We were still living in the Quezon City area when this happened.  My father and I were on our way to the Ambos  Mundos Restaurant in Quiapo and we were waiting for a taxi as our owner jeep was in the repair shop.  Suddenly, I heard a man's voice saying, " Ne, sakay na!".  Without our noticing, a beautiful car slowly stopped in front of us where the man who called out was at the backseat.  The man opened the car door and beckoned my father to go in.  To my surprise, I saw that it was Dolphy, the comedy king who was talking to my father.  Nene was the nickname of my father which explains the way my father was addressed.  I was literally star-strucked and it probably took all the restraint of the child I was then not to force my father to do as invited.  To my great disappointment, my father respectfully declined and offered some excuse about waiting for someone to fetch us.  After a friendly wave and smile, the comedy king went on his way.

As soon as the car was gone, I bombarded my father with questions of how he knows Dolphy.  Apparently, they were friends during their younger days.  It was a friendship that traces its roots to the time when the comedy king was still trying to find his place in show business.   My father revealed that at some point, Dolphy, along with some others convinced him to try out  for chorus dancing for live musical shows which were very popular at that time.  At this part of his story, I was already finding it hard not to laugh as I couldn't imagine my father dancing and singing.  It simply didn't fit the way I saw him.

My father's usual demeanor was rather stern from the day I came to know him.  He is known not to back out from any fight, physical or otherwise.  He does not run away from any challenge but that day he did.  Before his turn came, he chickened out and stayed in the sidelines.  He said he knew very well that he "had two left feet" which is often used to describe people who are particularly challenged in dancing, thus his decision.

While Dolphy and most of the others went on to carve their names in show business, my father trained under his aunt who owned Ambos Mundos Restaurant.  Every time he had a chance, he would bring food to his friends and just watch them perform.  And so it came to pass that show business' loss was Ambos Mundos Restaurant's gain.

We join the rest of the nation in praying for the speedy recovery of Dolphy.

Postscript (July 11, 2012): Dolphy passed on to the other life yesterday July 10, 2012 and we now pray for the eternal repose of his soul.

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  1. I hope Dolphy gets well soon. Your father seems to be an honorable person and he did choose a life outside the glitter of show business and made a niche in the food business.

  2. I hope so too. And yes, I would like to think of my father that way. Thanks for your comment.

  3. people are just destined to be whom they will be. hoping for dolphy's recovery also. Yahweh bless.

  4. Woooooow! That's so cool!!! But yeah, praying for Dolphy's fast recovery.

  5. People have different fates. I am praying for Dolphy's fast recovery too.

  6. There are always an interesting story behind our parents history. My dad use to work with media before and showed a lot of old pictures of Stars like Nora Aunor and others who are now rest in peace... I hope Dolphy will be better and whatever happens, I believe that he will be in God's embrace.

  7. I pray Dolphy gets well soon too! This post just shows how kind Dolphy is inside and out...

  8. Too sad when I heard the news about Dolphy. Though i'm not that close to him but it makes me cry. Yay hope he'll get well soon!

  9. small world talaga! funny how life works out no? here's to dolphy and your dad :)

  10. This what justifies the " what a small world "... :D


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