Are Filipinos Truly Free?

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The Philippines for all its beauty and resources has attracted many powerful countries to take control of it and make use of what it has to offer.  All throughout history, Filipinos have been subjected to various humiliations, sufferings, and horrors, because other "superior" races thought they were more capable of running the country.  Whatever benefit the county derived from their presence paled in comparison to the price Filipinos had to pay.  History books detail how the country gained its independence from these "powers" although I am not actually sure if the Filipinos as a race have really been emancipated from them.

Whether we admit it or not, many still put a premium on foreign languages, foreign products, and foreign beauty.  The controversial Bayo ad "What's Your Mix?" has drawn flak from various sectors who believe that the ad tends to put the Filipino race in an inferior light compared to that of other races such as Australian, Indian, and so on, that have produced Filipinos of mixed races.  Without meaning to, ( I presume this is the case  since I believe no company would like to incur the buying public's ire) the ad touched a sensitive nerve because the message contained a little "truth" in it.

Isn't it true that that many Filipino women would like to emulate the fair-skinned celebrities featured in skin-whitening ads?  Isn't it true that we prefer foreign-made products because we associate quality with them? Isn't it true that many of us get bedazzled by persons adept at foreign  languages, usually associating level of intellect with how fluent one speaks the English language for example?

My Say

We Filipinos cannot be fully blamed for what we have become as a result of being under foreign rule and influence for a very long time.  However, we cannot hide from this fact forever. We have to start taking responsibility for what we become as a race and as a nation.  

That said, the only time that we can say that we Filipinos have gained back our freedom and get to celebrate our Independence Day with more meaning and fervor is when we stop blaming others from the past for what we continue to do at present.


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