The Original Location of Ambos Mundos Restaurant

8:07 PM

Ambos Mundos Restaurant's original location was in Estero Cegado Street in Quiapo, Manila. It was in the center of commercial activity of the city.  This was where Ambos Mundos Restaurant made its name in the food industry and stayed there for a long period of time.

The transfer  to another location was only necessitated when the Light Railway Transit was built.    At present time,  the original location is represented by a portion of the space now occupied by Isetann Department Store.  The entrance of the restaurant was facing the entrance of then Shoemart Carriedo, now known as SM Clearance Store in Quiapo.  

Our family has many memories of this place.  It was like our second home.  When a fire gutted our house, we went there instead of a relative's house.  Fortunately, our neighbor then was Sampaguita Hotel and staying in a hotel then didn't cost a leg and an arm.  We had to be near as it was business as usual for Ambos Mundos Restaurant.

It was in this place that I got introduced to the Quiapo Fiesta, Excelente Ham, Master Bakery Hopia, and the Good Earth Emporium.

Those were good times... very happy times...

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