An Afternoon of Bonding and Learning at the Nido Science Discovery Center

2:37 AM

There can be no better way to spend an afternoon with the family than in a place where learning and fun happens at the same time.  In the same breath, there is no topic better than science which affords the same benefits.  It is with much excitement therefore, that my family made our way to the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center one afternoon to bond and learn together.

Why the Great Interest in Science

The study of Science in its very essence, represents the efforts of humans to gain understanding of how our natural world works.  In short, it seeks to provide answers to the what, why, when, who, where, and how questions that seem to beset mankind from the very start.  There is a belief that we will know how to react better to situations once explanations of certain phenomena are placed before us.

Our elementary science teachers never fail to remind us of the Scientific Method.  This method requires us to go through specific steps before arriving at a conclusion.  We are required to identify the problem; formulate a hypothesis; conduct an experiment; gather, record, and analyze data; make a conclusion; and provide a sensible recommendation.  We are likewise required to adopt certain attitudes that are deemed necessary to better understand science.  Whenever we approach any scientific proposition, we are enjoined to be curious, open-minded, creative, resourceful, careful, and objective.  Without this openness, science learning is impossible.

Combining Learning and Fun

Entrance of the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center

Educational immersion is always more fun when combined with the entertainment factor.  This  was provided through the presence of Cartoon Network characters led by Ben Tennyson of the popular Ben 10 series.  The event was dubbed as the "The Science of Cartoons".  

Learning First...Then Fun Follows

The Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center has eleven new galleries recently updated to provide new material for the appreciation of children.  These include the Life Clock, Image Port, SMART Media City, Transportation Nation, Grossology, Spaceship Earth, Virtual Reef, City Science, Robot Inc., Digistar Planetarium, and the Lego Mindstorms Robotics Center.  Each of these galleries seek to provide interactive fun  and excitement with the aim to keep the children actively engaged at all times in the entire duration of their visit.  

All senses are encouraged to be alert in examining and using the offered visual and mechanical exhibits.  The love for learning seeks to find its place in children's hearts in the hope that it will stay and encourage them to explore the wonderful world of science. 

My Say

Learning happens more easily under an environment of fun especially among children.  It is also not limited to the four classroom walls.  The knowledge we need to face life with is not purely academic.  Experiential learning usually remains long after our minds have totally forgotten mathematical formulas and scientific names.

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  1. you were there too? i went with my little man who refused to leave Ben10's side! :D i wish i was able to meet you there. oh well, am sure we'll bump into each other in another event, even if i do not attend that many.

    it was a fun + enjoyable experience, NIDO is, right? ;)

  2. And this makes me wish that we live in luzon. Sayang naman my kids will not experience that unless we punta there which is very expensive;(

  3. Too bad this wasn't open yet when we were there. But we did visit the Planetarium :D Dindin loved the experience!

  4. My son has been there twice. First was when they just opened which was more than 5 years ago, I think. Second time was 2 years ago at a friend's birthday party. Learning and fun combined is how kids should learn things. Grade schoolers tend to get bored easily so this concept is perfect for them :)

  5. My daughter and I were also there at the event and we enjoyed every minute of it!

  6. I've been wanting to bring the kids to Discovery Center, but thinking about the traffic from Pampanga to MOA makes me feel lazy.

  7. Like Les, I've been wanting to bring the kids there too. I hope it happens when we come home

  8. We've been here too and this is truly educational.. Mommy you look great in yellow shirt :)

  9. which reminds me i have yet to write my post about our wonderful experience! gaah! my busy-busy offline life is to blame! that + my crappy internet connection :(

  10. you were there pla.. we're suppose to attend the event kaso MOA is far talaga sa amin kaya ayun.. sana nag meet tayo :)

  11. I brought my daughter there once, and she enjoyed it immensely! Yes, learning isn't limited to the four walls of the classroom. It definitely goes way beyond that.


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