Tutoring Club - Offering a Deviation from Traditional Tutoring

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Every once in a while, someone gets a bright idea of improving a product or service that already exists.  Some even manage to surpass the original and establish themselves as leaders in their category.  The Tutoring Club is presenting itself as a better option to traditional tutoring in the Philippine setting.

Traditional Tutoring in the Philippines

There are two general categories of tutoring services available in the country.  One option is presented by tutoring centers which employ several teachers and academic coaches known as tutors. Students typically have their tutorial lessons in the tutoring center unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.  The other option consists of independent tutors who usually render their services by personally going to homes of each student.

Services for both options are typically provided on an hourly basis with a provision for extension depending on the need.of the student.  Students experiencing some difficulty in certain subjects at school are the most common "clients"of tutors.  However, it is a fact that there also students who avail of tutoring services for advanced learning.

The primary responsibility of traditional tutors is to make sure that the current school work of their students are attended to.  This would mean going over the lesson for the day, answering home assignments, and preparing students to take and pass scheduled school examinations. With the exception of some tutors who have identified and specialized subject offerings in relation to their expertise, tutors in general are expected to provide assistance in all school subjects of students.

What is Tutoring Club?

Tutoring Club is a tutoring service developed by Larry Schwartz in the US which seeks to make use of modern educational techniques and scholastic modules, combined with time-tested instructional systems for the purpose of enabling each student not only to perform within their academic levels but to exceed expectations as well.  It sees traditional tutoring as a "band-aid" approach to student learning since it only addresses what is currently required.  It believes that true learning happens when foundation is built and strengthened as the skills and competencies required for advancement are also developed.

Tutoring Club currently has eight branches in the Philippines.  It opened its first branch in 2007. It is noteworthy that Tutoring Club is actually making it possible to have its services available to public school students in cooperation with public schools that have chosen to participate in the initiative.

What is Being Offered by Tutoring Club?

Tutoring Club is offering a guaranteed program wherein enrolled students will improve by at least one full grade level after 32 hours of tutoring.  All succeeding hours are to be rendered free until such improvement has been attained.  However, it has to be made clear that the grade level being referred to here may not be the same as the student's actual school grade level.

The first thing that a child will have to do is to take a Skills Assessment Test that should reveal a student's actual level of mastery in a subject.  It is highly possible that a Grade 6 student will have a test result that would show that his mastery of Math skills is only up to the Grade 2 level.  In this particular situation, the guarantee is that the student will have Grade 3 level of mastery by the end of 32 hours.  This means that the student will have to continue on until he reaches his actual level.  Of course, it is highly recommended that he continues beyond for advanced study through high school.

My Say

I had actual experience with having a tutor while in grade school.  My tutor was one of the traditional ones and he came everyday to our home to help me with my daily lessons, assignments, and projects.  The tutoring sessions fulfilled the promise of ensuring that I pass every grade level but it made me dependent on outside help for quite some time long after my tutor has gone.  It was only in college that I eventually developed a system in studying that worked for me.

Like any other parent who only wishes the best for a child, I would personally recommend a tutoring service such as this with the end goal of providing a child with a built-in study system that encourages independence.  Independence in studying can only work to the advantage of a child since reality dictates that a child goes to school and performs without a tutor by his side. A child is on his way to success once he gains self-confidence in recognizing his ability.

That said, there are costs to be considered in this option.

For detailed information regarding the program, please call 0918-81-TUTOR or log on to www.tutoringclub.ph.

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