The Road to Year 2013

3:36 PM

I have come from afar
From situations akin to a war
I have made it to the bend
To start anew from an end

As we approach the end of the year 2012 , we are now faced with the road to year 2013. I will seize the opportunity to be happy, content, and be at peace.  I have cried over personal tragedies  and  no longer find any sense in doing so.  I look forward to new beginnings, never to turn back except to review the lessons learned from the past.

I Thank...

...the Lord for being my anchor in a sea of doubts, anxieties, and troubles family for giving me the reason to persevere and for loving me in spite of friends, acquaintances, and strangers who took the time to help me and showed me acts of kindness in whatever form

I Ask Forgiveness

...for neglecting some of my duties as an ideal Catholic

...from my family for my weaknesses which they had to see

...for my failure to go beyond my personal comfort zone to help 

I Promise... persevere in my faith while maintaining respect for the belief of others give more time to my family especially in listening to them give back in whatever way I can or find opportunities to pay it forward if the opportunity presents itself

I Seek... be a good Catholic not by mere words but most especially in deeds be a good person, a good wife, a good mother, a good daughter, a good sister, and to be good in each and every role that I would assume be a good friend with the ability to extend assistance even when not asked for

I Pray

...for continued guidance, courage, and wisdom from God

...for family unity, good health, emotional healing, financial stability, and enhanced skills

...for patience, understanding, and sincere empathy for the plight of others

My Say

I am looking at the road to year 2013 with more confidence and hope, with a better understanding of my purpose in this world.  I have learned to say thank you and I'm sorry to most of the people who have helped me or I have hurt .  There are still holdovers of emotional pain but I am confident that the reasons that continue to cause them will finally be resolved. I feel lighter because I have finally opened myself to such possibility.

It is my hope that I can do good in my promises and in my quest to be a better me, not only for myself but most especially for God and the people around me.  It is my intention to carefully choose my battles so I can have more time to do what is essential.  I have come to the crossroads and made my choices.  I choose to be happy, I choose to love, and I choose to live life where I am at peace with myself.

That said, join me as I traverse the road to year 2013 as I share My Say in this life of ours.   

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