The Story of Three Christmas Trees - an OFW Christmas Story

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Christmas away from the family

Once upon a time, there were three Christmas trees and they were all connected to an Overseas Filpino Worker (OFW). The first one is the smallest but the oldest and was the Christmas tree that saw her childhood and growing up years and it was placed in the house of her parents.   The second is the Christmas tree placed at her home in the Philippines since she already has her own family now.  The third one is the one found in her home in another country shared with other OFWs.  

Now being located in different places, they never saw each other.  The only connection they had with each other is the OFW.  They will hear snitches of her life even when they are placed in their boxes for about 11 months in a year and 1 month outside during the Christmas season.   

The first Christmas tree knew that the mother of the OFW did not want her to leave the country.  It would hear her anguished cries for her daughter who was so far away.  The cries would be so bad whenever her daughter encountered problems in her workplace and family life.  She would always pray for her safety and guidance.

The second Christmas tree heard the cries of loneliness of the OFW's family, longing for the comfort that only a wife and mother can give.  It would know that it would be its time to go out with the excited chatter of the children that their mother is coming home for Christmas.  Time and again, it would witness the happiness of the arrival and the loneliness of leaving.

The third Christmas tree saw the sorrow of a mother separated from her family made necessary by economic reasons.  It saw the OFW's determination to make good in another country even if faced with simultaneous obstacles of discrimination, financial lack, and health problems.  If only it could talk in human form, it would have said words of comfort and support to the OFW especially in her lowest moments.

Without having the chance to talk to each other, the three Christmas trees happened to think of wishing to their Mother Christmas Tree to help the OFW. They all wished that she would get her deepest desire to be with her family permanently with the capacity to provide for her family's needs without going away. Because all three have been good Christmas trees, the Mother Christmas tree granted their wishes and the OFW was finally happy.


My Say

If only life was as simple as being granted a wish for being good, there would probably be less lonely people sacrificing for their family in another country.  If given the choice, very few would choose to be away from the warmth of the love of their family.  If only...

That said, I have written this for a person very close to my heart and fervently hope that this Christmas, with the infinite mercy of God, her wish will finally be granted. Here's hoping that her OFW story will end happy with the achievement of the goals she has set from the beginning.

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