AMBOS MUNDOS RESTAURANT - the Home of Filipino and Spanish Dishes

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Ambos Mundos Restaurant has always went with the by-line "Home of Filipino and Spanish Dishes". In consonance with its name which literally translates to "Two Worlds" or "Both Worlds", it combined the two most obvious food choices for Filipinos - Filipino food and Spanish food.  Obvious because it is impossible for Filipinos living here in the Philippines not to develop a taste for our own flavor  while the Spanish influence was inevitable because of our country's long history with Spain.

The brand of Filipino cooking provided by Ambos Mundos Restaurant has its foundations in Bulacan cooking.  The De Leons from our side of the family were originally from Bulacan. However, there was no particular effort to limit the taste to strictly Bulacan flavor in coming up with the final choices of Filipino food that were offered.

If our family could claim any descendancy from a true-blooded Spaniard at all, it would most probably come from the Gaudinez side of the family.  The older generation of this side of the family notably spoke in Spanish and they have been based in Manila, specifically in the Sta. Cruz and Quiapo areas in so far as our oldest available records would indicate. Being true-blooded Filipinos exposed to considerable Spanish influence, they were able to contribute in the choices of Spanish food to offer having a clear idea of what would click with a Filipino market through their own experience.

"Home of Filipino and Spanish Dishes" is the same by-line which our present efforts towards rebuilding the name of Ambos Mundos Restaurant is based.  We hope to be faithful to the original ideals of our ancestors, the very ideals that earned Ambos Mundos Restaurant its place in the Filipino palate.  The authentic Ambos Mundos Restaurant will rise from its long slumber and claim its rightful place in Filipino culinary history.

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  1. Is there any other branch in Manila? Am from Imus and going and fro would make me hungry again but I would love to try it...:D

  2. At present, the real Ambos Mundos Restaurant does not have an existing branch although we are vigorously working on it. The reason why a particular page in this blog is dedicated to everything about Ambos Mundos Restaurant is to ensure that any prior misinformation provided by false claimants to the trade name will be corrected.

    It is our hope that the authentic Ambos Mundos Restaurant will be be able to reopen at the soonest possible time pending the resolution of the remaining legal issues. Please visit this blog every once in a while for updates.

    Thank you very much for your interest.

    Teresa Gaudinez-Martinez


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