How to Do Price Comparison the Easy Way

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Back in the days, when I wanted to compare prices for something I want to buy, I go to each and every store I can possibly physically visit. Obviously that took a lot of effort and time. With the coming of the Internet, price comparison became a lot easier since I can just visit the sites selling the item I want. But even that seem tedious and slow when we are faced with so many things to do just like what we mothers face on a daily basis.

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Everyday, we are faced with buying decisions from the smallest to the biggest, all of which have the potential of affecting our household budget. This is the reason why we cannot forego price comparison. Given the hectic schedules we all have, we can still do this in the comfort of our own homes. This I found out through PricePanda.

What is PricePanda?

PricePanda is an online price comparison website. It offers the latest and best product prices as well as news and information that come out handy for consumers wanting to buy. They do not only provide prices from different stores offering the products we are looking for but also detailed product specifications and reviews to help us in making wise buying choices.

Trying Out PricePanda

Since we were really on the lookout for a tablet for my son's use, we decided to try out PricePanda so we would have a better idea of how much we would actually need to buy one. It goes without saying that we wanted to find the best price that will not shortchange us in product quality and reliability of seller. So I went to the website.

In the "Computer" category, I clicked on "Tablets" and the different choices appeared on the screen. We have already decided on the brand just to make sure that it would  be compatible with the school facilities. The search can be sorted according to price, relevance, or product name.  My son though has specifically requested for me to check on the Apple iPad Mini and so I did.

There were at least 101 prices offered for comparison ranging from a low of PHP 12,750 to a high of PHP 32,180. The search can again be refined by trusted shops, from the lowest or highest price, or from the lowest or highest price with shipping. Searchers will be redirected to the chosen seller's site for more detailed product and shipping information. Of course, I lost no time in looking over what the first on the list has to offer.

Product Quality Expert

Even buyers who may have made up their minds on what to buy can still benefit from the words of a product quality expert.  A full description of specifications and features is listed. There are also some suggested similar products just in case you are still entertaining other options.

The PricePanda app is now also available in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, with versions for both Android and iOS. This should make comparing prices a breeze.

My Say

Online price comparison is a fairly new convenience provided to consumers by the advances in technology we have today. I must say that it is a very useful convenience and not just another reason to transact online. Since hopping from one brick-and-mortar store or online store to another can be time consuming, being able to have one site where all information can be obtained is certainly time and cost-saving. The information found in sites like PricePanda can be used by consumers as a guide to narrow down their choices as to price, brand, and features. This will ensure that buyers will just be using their time for a closer look for those products which actually fit their requirements. 

That said, everyone of us value our time and the money that we work hard for. We need to be very wise consumers  and wise consumers will never eliminate the important step of price comparison. PricePanda makes that a lot easier. 

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