The Emerging Influential Blogs of 2014: My Choice

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That time of the year has again come to choose which among the fairly new blogs will form the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2014. I believe this is a very good way for new blogs to get the proper exposure and be discovered by a larger audience. I know that by experience, having received the same benefits for two of my blogs last year.

And so here are my personal choices:

1. Dateline Movies

This is my 14 year-old son's blog which deals mainly on movies and everything related to it. It has become a platform for expression for him specially since he has always been a very shy boy. I know that being part of this writing project as well as being nominated will push him to do better. 

2. Adventurous Outdoors (Jefrox)

Reading blogs that deal with the outdoors is something I personally need to encourage me to be more physical. The posts in this blogs are very informative towards that end.

3. Not Your Ordinary Mom

No mom is ordinary, certainly not when you're balancing life, family, and work. This mom writes about ordinary things she seems to be doing extraordinarily well.

4. Jlofied

This blog is all about celebrations done the author's way, the JLo way. It is always good to read about something happy or just about any reason to celebrate.

5. Delightfully Desserts by Zheyme

This blog got me on "desserts". Being a sweet tooth myself, I especially like finding recipes for simple desserts especially those that are products of experimentation in the home kitchen.

6. Raket Hub

Every freelancer needs a site that can provide tips in finding opportunities for sidelines or "raket". This blog offers that.

7. Pinions and Plumage of Love

This is a  very interesting blog from a mommy blogger who sees God as the center of the family. She talks about blessings in life and who couldn't help feel positive about that?

8. Tweensel Mom

The author is a work-at-home mom so that explains why I find her posts interesting. I'm also a WAHM.

9. Pinas Social

Stories and happenings in the Philippines is always interesting. This blog offers an easy read of such articles.

10. Mommy Bloggers Philippines

This is a very active community blog of which I am a part of. It does not only support its members in the blogging department but also in the everyday challenges of mommy life.

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My Say

Good luck to every blog that has been nominated, especially to my son who has found a part of himself in blogging.

That said, no matter what, every blogger who goes through this challenge comes out a winner.

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