How to Inspire Others Through Writing

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I opened my computer to something very wonderful today. Filipino Bloggers Forum (FBF), one of the groups I belong to, held the online celebration of its 2nd anniversary last night. In this celebration, a good number of members have been recognized in different award categories, including myself. I was given  the "Most Inspirational Blogger" award and that got me thinking on how I could have inspired another or others through blogging. On a larger scope, how exactly do we inspire others through writing?

Allow me to share my thoughts.

Write from the Heart

Everything I write comes from the heart and that is with no exception. I write about people, things, and events that affected me in whatever way.  I try very hard to make even the most generic topics personal because that is simply how I am inspired to write. I think inspiring others can only come from an inspiration that comes within.

The Desire to See the Positive in Every Negative

Blogging has caught me in different moods and circumstances. When I write about something happy, I acknowledge the reason. When sad, I pour my emotions in a way that only written words can. The one thing though that I always try to do when writing about something negative is to find positivity in it, no matter how difficult. Being human, I do not always succeed but I do try, very hard, for me to find comfort. This is with the hope that I can pass it on to my readers.

Look into Thy Self

We can only speak and write with authority if we truly know what we are talking about. Because I think I will never have sufficient knowledge of how other people think and feel, I would always prefer to write about how I think and feel in every given situation. I believe through this, I am more able to contribute positively in a discussion rather than judging by mere presumption.

My Say 

I have been going through some personal issues related to blogging like losing my smartphone to criminal elements at the Shangrila Mall, losing our regular Internet connection due to Typhoon Glenda, and dealing with people online who are less than desirable to deal with. While the first two are physical losses that tend to affect my blogging activities, the last one tend to diminish my desire to blog. Notwithstanding, I enjoy blogging too much to give it up. 

I would like to believe that I have contributed something positive to the blogging world no matter how small. Hearing other people say that they have been touched by something I wrote fills me with so much happiness and inspiration. It just give more inspiration to write and blog.

That said, Congratulations to all the other awardees in their respective categories. Thank you to Filipino Bloggers Forum and all its members. I can never thank you enough.

This was my acceptance speech. 

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