Yearly Search for Christmas Tokens

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It has been our yearly practice to give our children's classmates small tokens every Christmas. Most of their classmates (or their classmates' parents) are very generous in giving them gifts. We figured it was just right, though not necessary, to give something back no matter how small, thus our yearly search for Christmas tokens. 

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For the past years, we have been giving items like pencils, button pins, key-holders, mini picture frames, small toys, and just about anything we think will make young children happy. There were also a couple of years that my children gave their classmates handmade book markers and Christmas trinkets. This year, we found what we were looking for very early and it came on the very first day of the "ber" months of 2014.

Less Complications

Early this year we have decided to make our lives a little less complicated by doing the things we needed to do anyway as early as possible. The plan was to do necessary tasks if and when opportunities  present themselves. Though buying the yearly Christmas tokens was not yet on the priority list, we chanced upon Ai Online Shop during one of our usual web searches looking for another product. My young daughter saw one product that she thinks will be suitable to give to her classmates this Christmas. Since the cost was not that much anyway and we will end up crossing out one item in our to-do list for the year, we acceded to her suggestion and the items were delivered 3 days from the date of our order.

Early Buy

These are the magic crayons ordered by my daughter for P 22 each. There were actually a lot of choices but she has set her heart on this item. Ai Online Shop offers a wide range of products including clothes, accessories, bag and wallets, beauty and wellness products, mobile accessories, school and office supplies, toys, as well as home and living products. This early buy represents one less task to think about especially during the often chaotic Christmas shopping rush.

Plus Two for Herself

The total cost of the magic crayons she ordered left her with some money to spare. She asked us if she could use the remaining money to buy something for herself. She chose the 12 color loom band maker kit and the loom board. I didn't have the heart to say no as she has been asking to have them since the loom band craze exploded. I realized that has been quite awhile already. As we rarely find the time to go out and shop for things anyway and to reward her for her patience, we allowed her to make the additional order. These comprise what has been delivered to her yesterday.

My Say

For someone who has been a wary online shopper, I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. My previous experiences including this one have been thankfully quite convenient and pleasant. What I especially like about online shopping is that I have the time to think over and over before I make any purchase. There is absolutely no pressure in having someone wait for me to make a purchase or not.

That said, I am now finally willing to admit that online shopping is a very good option for shoppers who don't have time to go to stores. Of course, there will always be a need to visit physical stores for some of our purchases. For those purchases however wherein such effort can be dispensed with, online stores serve their purpose quite well. 

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