Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bag

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If you are anything like me who use my bags up to their last ounce of quality serviceable life, you would most likely benefit from reading on to the end of this post. I will not be able to survive going out without a bag because I tend to bring everything but the kitchen sink with me. Here are the factors I consider when I choose my bags:

It must stand the test of time

Quality bags do not come cheap. This is why we must choose bags that will be able to stand the test of time not only in durability but in style as well. How many bags still in excellent condition are languishing somewhere in our closets just because they are too identified with past trends? We would need to choose bags that will look trendy in several seasons, if not years. I make it a point to have at least one bag for each basic color like black, brown, and white.

It must be functional

Our bags must be able to serve their purpose especially for the required space without sacrificing style. Choosing a bag without considering its functionality may result to bags being damaged early. Over-stuffing bags tend to affect their form, shape,and their serviceable life since they are made to bear more than their standard capacity. Sturdy canvas bags like these work very well for me.

It must cater to my personal taste

It is a fact that we use the bags we like more than the others. Bags that we choose based on our personal taste reflect our personality. Showing a bit of personality through our bags manifests our individuality. I have always been partial to crocheted items and interesting details in any item so that would explain why these two bags caught my attention.

It must offer variation

There are days that we just want to look different. I have always been on the safe side when it comes to color and design of bags. I make sure however that I have a bag or two that offers variation. I find them very suitable with my outfits that border on the boringly plain side. 

My Say

I really do not have much time to go to department stores to shop. Lately, I have been finding out just how convenient it is to shop online. For my bag needs, I've discovered that I can find the best selection of bags at Zalora Philippines. This is where I found all the bags shown here. 

That said, I consider bags as necessities. So I need them to last and I want them to have the look that I would like to bring with me. How about you? How do you choose your bags?

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