Introducing Our Children to the Finer Things in Life

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What are these so-called finer things in life? Do humans need them? Do our children need to be introduced to them? Though people usually associate the term to luxury, "finer things in life" can also refer to things that help bring the living experience to a higher level of appreciation such as classical music, fine art, extraordinary books, and timeless films. Gaining access to these things may come at a cost so it is not always easy to make them available to ourselves and our family. So why should we even try to introduce our children to it?

The Berta Rojas Concert

I was quite fortunate to have been given two complimentary tickets to watch the Berta Rojas Concert last May 15 at the Meralco Theater. Instead of bringing my husband with me, I brought my son who turns 14 years old  today as some sort of early birthday treat. My husband and I thought it was a good opportunity to introduce him to classical music.

Berta Rojas is an internationally renowned classic guitarist from Paraguay. Her brand of music is not something we would often associate with a young audience. To my surprise however, there were so many young people who watched the show. The older kids came with their friends while the younger children came with their parents, just like my son and myself. 

It was such a wonderful feeling to be among a very respectful and appreciative audience which is not identified by a single age group. Berta Rojas just played her guitar on stage without any special effects that most concerts need to resort to. There was only her with her guitar and her audience with our eagerness to listen. It was such a thrill to hear her rendition of our very own "Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal". 

I was watching my son at the side of my eyes to have a gauge of what he was feeling during the show. He looked relaxed, happy, and he clapped enthusiastically after every piece along with most of the people. Apparently, I made the right decision in bringing him with me to watch this concert.

Why Parents Should Provide Opportunities to their Children to Experience the Finer Things In Life

Not all households have the luxury of being able to spend on things that are not considered necessities, just like in ours. Even with this situation, parents can still find ways to open up opportunities that will enrich the lives of their children. Humans do not live on bread alone. There is art, music, poetry, and all the other things that make our senses come more alive.

It has recently just come to my attention that there are many cultural programs and other activities being offered to young people either for free or at minimal costs. Sometimes, they just need to be found. Only two things are required by most - the participants' time and parental support especially for young children.

The benefits of introducing children to listening to classical music, going to museums, reading a classic novel, and watching movies of old, are many. The most important however is the sense of balance which indulging in these activities can provide. These are the very things that force us to slow down enough to appreciate life itself and not only to concentrate on surviving. 

My Say

Today's challenging times have made it more difficult for many families to address more than basic human needs. The many demands of everyday life make it almost impossible for people to pause and smell the roses. We must remember that life is not a chore to be finished but a journey of discovering what it offers.

That said, my son taught me another lesson that concert night. We were running late because of the monstrous traffic jam at EDSA and I was understandably agitated and worried that we will not get to see the show after the long distance we've already traveled. Obviously, my son was in a better disposition to handle the stress that night and nothing can dampen his enthusiasm.

He said, "Mama, breathe... we're going to make it" and made it we did. Talk about useless anxiety. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded to enjoy the moment, that moment when we are with our loved ones and just be thankful for it. Besides, we were about to watch the Berta Rojas Concert and experience one of the finer things life has to offer.

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