Sickness in the Family

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Nothing can be more jarring to the senses than sickness in the family. It can turn many lives upside down with the fear and anxiety it creates in the minds and hearts of family members. Everything just comes to an abrupt halt as the combined goal of survival and recovery becomes the main objective. Everything else becomes all too suddenly unimportant and inconsequential.

Dreaded Confinement

Most people would avoid hospital confinement at all cost. We are no different. Not only is it very costly, it is also very physically exhausting and emotionally draining. Sometimes however, no matter how one tries to avoid it, there is no way around it especially when life is at risk.

It has always been especially difficult for my family when one of us needs to be hospitalized. We live far from our relatives and we have long been used to having no house-help. There is no one to whom we can leave the children especially in emergency cases. That is why it would always happen that they would be with us during the most anxiety-ridden moments in rushing to the emergency room. There would be a lot of crying especially when they were younger when we have to request relatives to take care of them for a while. It is always painful and confusing and so we avoid hospital confinement like the plague.

Special Concerns

Three days ago, we were unable to and for the third time, after a long while, my husband had to be admitted to the hospital. It is especially difficult because of an existing health condition and a scary incidence of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome several years ago brought about by a severe reaction to a certain medication. Unlike most of us who can be given medications right away upon the release of laboratory results, doctors will always have to be very cautious in treating my husband lest an allergic reaction occurs once again.

My husband was trying his best to prevent being hospitalized. I know he was very concerned with the expected expenses especially since we have yet to complete the requirements needed for our children's schooling. We both knew however that he needed to be hospitalized. In the end, he was just too weak to make any objection.

My Say

As I looked at my family sleeping during the first night at the hospital, I can't help thinking and wishing that we were in another place instead, enjoying ourselves as a family. It is very seldom that we are able to do that. Our joys are very simple and yet we have to purposely set aside funds if we are to enjoy them. What I would do to give my family a well-deserved relaxing treat...

That said, as a wife, I really don't like this feeling of uncertainty every time my husband gets sick. I have to summon all the powers within me just so I can hold the reins steady while our head of the family is getting well.  I get so scared but I console myself that we always manage to come out of every difficult situation as a family. I really wish there is a way to completely avoid this kind of situation. Knowing there is none, I pray for strength, guidance, and timely assistance. 

These times really put to the test the part of the wedding vow which says sickness and in health...It is easy enough to be strong together. Staying strong while the other is weak is probably the most difficult part of marriage but it has to be done.

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