Customer Service - the Ambos Mundos Restaurant Way

4:09 AM

The notation printed on the receipts of Ambos Mundos Restaurant that say : "If satisfied, tell your friends; if not, tell us" sums up what kind of service it endeavors to offer to its customers. The line is pretty standard to most consumer-oriented businesses but to our ancestors, this line formed the foundation of the restaurant's core marketing initiative.  It was simple, down-to-earth, and practical.

When Ambos Mundos Restaurant first opened its doors to the public, social networking as we know it today is non-existent.  The main method of increasing patronage to one's business is through word-of-mouth.  The marketing spokesman is every satisfied customer that enters and leaves the restaurant.  There were no deals, no freebies, and no media hype, just exceptionally good food served with the sincere desire to please.

The customer base of Ambos Mundos Restaurant increased by the sheer convincing power of satisfied customers.  They told their relatives, their friends, their co-workers and even casual acquaintances.  They were the primary movers of this business thus there is always a ready ear for any suggestions for improvements and yes, even for complaints.  We wanted to hear it straight from customers because we cared for what they think and what they felt.  Besides, it was more constructive that way.

It is a fact that a satisfied customer can tell friends but an irate customer tends to tell the whole world. The book "Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3000" reveals the danger of not correctly addressing a customer service issue.  Ambos Mundos Restaurant belongs to the "old world" leaning towards the "old ways" where we believe that a personalized approach always works best.

It will definitely be a challenge when Ambos Mundos Restaurant reopens its doors in this age and time but it will be a challenge well-taken by the new generation of Ambos Mundos Restaurant movers.  

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  1. I do agree... having any kind of business should have this personal touch of the owner... :D

  2. I couldn't agree more. Thanks for stopping by.


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