Buying Your First House

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Buying the first house will always be critical because to most of us, it can be the first and the last.  A house represents a considerable investment which may require a number of years to pay, meaning a lot of hard work especially for the working class.  No one wants to make a bad real estate investment since the consequences can be financially crippling and emotionally exhausting.

For home buyers who are considering the village or subdivision option, it is very important to consider the following:

1. The Reputation and Track Record of the Developer

In all transactions that involve a huge outlay of money like purchasing a house, it is the safest option to transact only with companies that have established their names in the industry.  A good name is almost always equivalent to quality products.  It has also been proven that the more established a company is, the more willing it is to swiftly address any concern that may arise from the transaction.  An established company has more to lose in bad publicity or widespread complaints than a run-of-the-mill company.

2.   The Location

We would notice that the newer housing developments of today emphasize the building of a community.  However, some developers tend to concentrate only on the inner community and do not pay much attention to the outside.  Schools, offices, churches, hospitals, markets, and commercial establishments should be accessible from the chosen house location if it is not possible to very near them.  A real community includes the surrounding areas because they will always be part of the daily ingress and exit of residents to their homes.

3.  The Facilities

Roads, water, and electricity are the most basic facilities to look out for.  With the active competition between  village and subdivision developers, other facilities such as the clubhouse, basketball courts, and swimming pools are more or less becoming part of the basic amenities to be expected.  This is being done in an effort to make living more enjoyable and convenient.

4.  The Security

Security involves not only having security guards stationed at the entrance but also in the physical layout of the village.  Serious consideration should have been given to safety from natural disasters or man-made issues such as theft.  The perimeter walls and gates are expected to protect the residents within a reasonable level.

5.  The Services

There are services that will have to be in place immediately no matter how new the village is such as garbage collection and transportation.  All the rest can come later as they are addressed one by one by respective homeowners' associations.  Of course, security services should be in place from the very start.

My Say

I have to admit that I have always been partial to Ayala Properties ever since our family had the chance to live in one in Alabang.  The nineteen years of our stay there established my personal standard for what a good home and community should be.  Mind you, I am not even referring to their premier developments but rather to their low cost housing developments.  Contrary to common belief, they do have projects within reasonable price range.  Why deny yourself and your family the chance to live in a real community when you can afford to do so?  The first home is usually a sentimental investment because this is where dreams are formed and achieved.

That said, it pays to study the options carefully before making the very big decision of buying your first house.

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  1. yes, indeed they are important factors to consider when you plan to buy a house from a developer of a village or subdivision - whether you're a first time buyer or not.

  2. I also admire Ayala properties project since they always include something that feels like nature and it goes naturally with their projects.

  3. Buying a house has been a dream for me but with the dwindling economy ... it's too difficult to find an affordable one that is decent enough ( space wise) to become a home for the family ...

  4. I always wanted to buy a house but due to financial constraints I wasn't able to. This is a good insight. Ayala is here in Davao might as well inquire. :)

  5. You should Claire, there's no harm in inquiring. At least you'll know your options when you're ready to buy your own house.

  6. @Franc Ramon: You will notice that developments of Ayala Properties try to maximize the benefits of nature.

  7. You are right, it could be the first and awould be last. So it is indeed critical to carefully make the best choice.

  8. i agree... first always is memorable, so be wise in choosing. great tips here. Yahweh bless.

  9. Buying the first house for a family should indeed be planned well. There are a lot of things we should consider. Thank you very much for sharing these tips :)

  10. True. It happened to me. My first house is a lot bigger than we are staying now. Learned from that mistake though and so thankful.. :D

  11. Ma'am iba talaga if you are living in alabang. But yes Ayala is a reputable developer.


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