Gunz Dash: An Arcade Adventure from WeChat 5.1

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In the tradition of video arcade games that many of the early generations have learned to love such as Pac-Man, Super Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgedog, and Lara Croft, WeChat recently came out with its next step to the evolution of video games. WeChat is currently the most downloaded social media app with more than 100 million registered users in international markets. It introduced games through its WeChat 5.1 upgrade, bringing the platform to uses that go beyond social networking and location-based functions.

There are at least four games offered by WeChat and Gunz Dash is the first in line.

Gunz Dash - The Heroes

Gunz Dash is one of WeChat's pioneering game titles. It is a game that brings back the battles of which real arcade adventures are made of. Set in a fantasy universe, players can choose to be any of the game heroes: cute and clumsy Kattie, blonde beauty Nikita, and strong Leo. Kattie is an expert in double jumping, Nikita has extraordinary gliding prowess, and Leo is a passionately strong chap who certainly got the eye of the ladies. 

Gunz Dash - The Support

Since no story or game for that matter, will ever be complete without support, helpful buddies are part of the action as well. Helpful Scarlet, lofty Cherry, and coin-boosting Husky, are always ready to support the young heroes. To make the battle more exciting, an array of vehicles, weapons, and gears are at their disposal.

The Game Features

Players have the option to personalize their gaming experience by customizing music and effects during the quest.

The game is essentially won by getting the crown through the combined maneuvers of sliding and jumping while beating challenges and collecting coins.

Here's the interesting part. When you play Gunz Dash, you can invite your friends to dash with you to ignite that good ol' sense of friendly play and competition. The competition is sure to get more exciting and challenging as players share their scores on WeChat. Users can update their contacts with their scores whether in solo or multiplayer mode. 

WeChat 5.1

With all the interest in the games, WeChat users should not forget all the other functions provided by the popular social media app especially with the version 5.1 upgrade. These include support for the latest platforms of iOS and Android, group messaging to converse with a regular of 40 users up to two sized-up group chats of 100 users each, connecting users' phone books, activating location-based functions such as "People Nearby" and "Shake", telling stories through photos via StoryCam, and delighting in new expressions through the app's new animated sticker sets at Sticker Shop. Users can also adjust their security level as needed. 

WeChat 5.1 has also provided for added conveniences such as registering with an email address instead of a phone number; linking WeChat to Google with Gmail Contact Integration; editing "Favorite Messages", clearing data, and exporting chat history, via a cloud-based device. The photos used to tell stories can likewise be watermarked. Of course, there are the games which allow us to customize how we play, what we hear, and what character represents us. 

My Say

With all my good parenting intentions, I have to admit that video games play a part in the lives of children today as well as full-grown adults like me. It is a form of entertainment when waiting for an appointment, when relaxing alone, or keeping the children quiet during heavy road traffic. It is the handiest form of entertainment while on the go and having only that indispensable smartphone on hand for communication.

That said, I am really getting to appreciate social media apps such as WeChat for use in communication and entertainment. Plunging into the Gunz Dash world is a simple and uncomplicated way of having fun. Come, let's dash and chase with Kattie, Nikita, and Leo. Bring back the battles of arcade adventures!

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