Making Our Home a Source of Inspiration for the Family

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Like most mothers, I would love our home to be a source of inspiration for myself, my husband, and my children and everyone who comes to visit. I want it to be a place where we would all feel safe, nurtured, supported, and loved. I know the physical look of a home has much to do with this feeling as the behavior of the people who live in it.  

I was looking for something inspirational to put into our home which will not cost me an arm or a leg. At first I was aiming for decorative items that I can place inside our home. I found something better in this: inspirational wall decals that can truly uplift the spirit and stimulate us to be more positive and creative. 

I want to remind each of us to:

A family that is able to think, speak, love, laugh, work, and give in such a manner will find themselves living a contented life. Having a positive attitude will not prevent challenges from happening but it makes the family more able to face them when they come. Kindness in the family is often taken for granted but it is the single most important thing that each family member can give to each other. 

I wish to say to my children to:

They would be facing so many situations that will sometimes make them want to be another person. I know...I've been there, many times before. I do not want them to be anyone else, just the best versions of themselves especially in the way they interact with other people.

I want my family to feel that: 

It is possible that people will find happiness in other places but I would want my family to think of our home as the original source of their happiness. A home should be a place where children are brought up and prepared for the future roles they will take and the homes they will build for themselves. It should also be a place where they would want to come back to after following their own dreams.

My Say

Each and every day after bringing my children to school, I look around our home and try to think of ways that would make their coming back home more exciting and motivating. Hearing the arrival of the car followed by their footsteps and excited chatter when they come home from school form the highlight of my afternoons. It is such a delight to give them anything as they are so easy to please.

That said, one of these days I might just surprise them with an inspirational quote they can look at, right on their own bedroom wall. They are especially appreciative of improvements we make in their rooms. I am so excited just thinking about it as the most special moments always come after the surprise - a hug and kiss that makes all the little things we do for each other more worthwhile. I am hoping those moments and the effort we give to provide a beautiful home to come home to will be a continuous source of inspiration to them.

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