When Late Becomes Too Late

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I received a text message today informing me that a friend of mine died early this morning after a severe stroke two days ago.  I got to know about her condition on the very day she was brought to the hospital. I have been meaning to visit her since but these past two days were simply unbelievably busy. I was set to visit her today before I got the message. Obviously, I was too late.

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Time Will Not Always Be on Our Side

Most of the time we think we have enough time to do what we need to do. There is always something more important to attend to, something that needs to be prioritized more, even when we know that what we choose to delay may be as important, if not more, at least for the moment. Time will run out on us if we do not prioritize correctly.

Sooner or later, we will learn that time will not always be on our side. It will run out before we know it. This is when late becomes too late just like my intended visit to my friend.

Time Runs Out

My friend who passed away is actually more of a mother figure to me. Like most of my friends in our community, she was a senior citizen. Women of her age comprise most of my friends in our village because they are the ones like me who stay at home. Most of the women my age are still actively employed and so it was very seldom that I come across them in community activities.

Because of her age and frail health condition, I should have known what having a severe stroke could mean. This is in relation to the time I have on my side to be able to visit her while still alive. Visiting her even during her unconscious state was the least I could have done for her kindness to me and my family. I thought I had time and found out just how wrong I was.

My Say

I would like to say to my friend how sorry I am for not reaching her in time. I hope I do not make the same mistake again in determining priorities. Not ever I hope for the people closest to my heart.

That said, rest in peace, my friend.

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