Reliable Post-Operative, Senior, & Child Home Care Service

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Many turn to caregiving companies to provide a number of helpful services for them and their families, such as post-operative care, senior home care, and newborn and childcare. Whether a loved one in your family is recovering from surgery and needs help recuperating, an elderly family member is interested in home care, or you're looking for an agency to assist you with caring for a new baby, the right caregiving company will readily meet your needs. Trustworthy organizations employ only screened and certified assistants who are compassionate and skilled in providing personalized care services. Capital City Nurses offers a variety of care services to Maryland and DC residents, below are the details.

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Individual Assessments

If you or a loved one is in need of in-home care services, a reputable company typically begins the process with a care assessment. It's likely you'd prefer an in-home care company that delivers personalized attention, tailored to their clients' individual needs and wishes. Care assessments involve analyzing a patient's situation, and offering solutions and outlining options for them and their family. At a trustworthy caregiving company, nurse's assistants and other trained medical professionals collaborate with patients, family members, and one another to deliver only the best, most effective care to each of their clients.

After-Surgery Recovery

Successfully recovering from surgery takes time, rest, and the watchful, trained eye of a professional. If you've chosen to recuperate in the familiarity of your own home rather than a hospital, a caregiving company you can trust will provide the home care service you need to make a full recovery. For most patients recuperating from surgery, their goal is to heal, regain their strength, and avoid being readmitted. Skilled caregivers offer a number of post-operative care services to help ease a patient's recovery, such as general companionship, preparing meals, light cleaning, medication reminders, assistance with walking and transferring, caring for wounds, dressing changes, and more.

In-Home Elderly Care

Senior home care service is a growingly popular choice among elderly individuals and their families. Nursing homes and hospitals aren't beneficial choices for everyone. For many seniors, maintaining their independence is essential to their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. In-home care presents a workable alternative, and ensures patients receive all of the care services they require, based on their individual care assessments. Caregivers perform a number of household chores for clients, as well as make patients take their medications and are safe and secure at all times. Additionally, caregivers often provide friendship and companionship, which many patients appreciate and take comfort in.

Child Care for Busy Parents

Children of any age undoubtedly require a lot of work and supervision. Balancing caring for a child with other demands in life, such as work or household chores, can be a challenge for many, especially new parents. If you've recently had a baby, or need assistance caring for a growing family, a dependable caregiving organization can assist you. Screened nurse's assistants can care for children of any age, while helping with chores and offering guidance when needed. You won't have to search for reliable babysitters, as a home care service provider can accommodate short to long term sessions, as well as emergency visits.

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